SCV iCoffee, World’s First Coffee Maker With Steambrew Technology

Santa Clarita coffee fanatics must try the latest SteamBrew innovation from iCoffee by Remington. iCoffee is the world’s first coffee maker with patented SteamBrew™ technology. This new technology provides a smooth, rich tasting coffee.

iCoffee by Remington is now available for everyone to get the entire flavor from their favorite coffee by brewing right at home.iCoffee

The SteamBrew™ technology uses a new method of steaming the grounds fully and evenly, allowing the perfect extraction of coffee. Santa Clarita’s own Bruce Burrows, who also owns Remington Water of Valencia, invented this innovative process.

Burrows holds more than 125 patents. He spent years perfecting the SteamBrew™ method to create a rich and less bitter-tasting coffee that everyone would enjoy. Burrows’ invention is also cost-efficient because it cuts coffee usage by 15 percent and uses no disposable paper filters.

World’s First Coffee Maker With Patent SteamBrew Technology

Other coffee makers use the drip method, which over-extracts the coffee from hot water raining down on only a portion of the coffee. This method not only wastes coffee but extracts unwanted acidic and bitter coffee oils, making perfected coffee extraction impossible.

iCoffee by Remington features true SteamBrew™ technology — six rotational hot water jets, a brew-viewing window, gold-tone paperless filtration, 12-cup capacity, fully automatic, 24-hour programmable, automatic shut-off with two-hour keep warm feature, and rich coffee crema extraction.

icoffee-onesheetEco-friendly consumers will be happy to know that the pot is lightweight, durable and the gold tone filter is reusable and dishwasher safe. The brew-viewing window gives you an inside look at how the SteamBrew™ technology works and a view of the rich coffee crema on top that provides such exquisite smooth taste.

Another optional unique feature is the Mozart tunes that are played when a brew is started and stops when it has finished.

iCoffee by Remington is a trusted brand associated with coffee brewing since 1846 when John Remington received his patent for a coffee percolator. Taking more than seven years, more than 1,257 prototypes, and millions of dollars in research to perfect, iCoffee’s SteamBrew™ technology is now making its way into the homes of coffee lovers nationwide.

Where To Buy iCoffee

Purchase iCoffee online from Bloomingdale’s or Frontgate Catalogue online ordering. Santa Clarita residents should also listen for on-air promotions on AM 1220 KHTS radio, which will be selling iCoffee for $169.00. The first week in November, iCoffee will also be available through the Home Shopping Network.

Article:  SCV iCoffee, World’s First Coffee Maker With Steambrew Technology

Author:  Hometownstation

Article Source:  iCoffee

SCV iCoffee, World’s First Coffee Maker With Steambrew Technology

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